Act Two - Judgement Day
After death, the chickens arrive at the chicken afterlife. They will be judged as to whether they will go to chicken heaven or hell. However one chicken stands out from the rest, our main chicken character, the Rebel Chicken. He begins his journey through the afterlife and quickly things go bad! He is dammed to the eternal darkness of hell and begins the life of a dammed chicken. In hell, the Rebel Chicken contemplates all the horrible things that humans have done to chickens over many generations. Upon this realization he begins a plan to get revenge for all of the chicken lives that have been taken needlessly for the selfish needs of humans. He gathers all of the chickens that have been killed by humans for food and gets them to rise up, march out of hell, and start a war on the humans. The chickens want the same fate of death for all humans. A huge army of devil chickens are marched out of hell to wage war on earth. Meanwhile, the Rebel Chicken makes his own deal with the devil.
End Act Two.


from The Chicken Saga - a punk rock opera, released October 23, 2014


all rights reserved



Useless Pieces of Shit Tucson, Arizona

Useless Pieces of Shit is a band name that you may not be familiar with but in the 1980's they were a hardcore punk rock band with a live show second to no other band of its type at the time. They weren't a product of the major scenes in New York, Boston, D.C., San Francisco, or L.A. so there were no record deals or concert promoters. They were a product of the startup remote scene in Tucson, AZ. ... more

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