Prayer in School

from by Useless Pieces of Shit



Kill ‘em all, they’re all no dam good!
Bunch of pot smokin,’ hippy fagots, commie butt buddies.
They’re not doing any good for nobody,
should just ship them all out of here.
Kill ‘em all!
They’re ruining our great land, all these foreigners coming over.
As far as I’m concerned if you can’t speak English
then you should get the hell out of here or learn it.
My ancestors came over here and they had to learn it.
They’re ruining the race, the great American race is being ruined.
And these cowards that won’t fight for their country,
should ship them all out and kill ‘em!
I fought for this land. You have to be a man,
you’ve got to fight for your country. Y
ou’ve got to stop the red hoard.
It’s over running the world.
Kill ‘em all, they’re no good!
You’ve got to fight for your land.
You’ve got to be a man, you’ve got to fight.
We need weapons, more weapons.
We need star wars, come on, we need weapons.
We need to kill those commies.
This is our world, this is our land.
We should have pride, pride in our flag.
Kill ‘em all, they’re all no good!
Bunch of protesters, skipping jobs, they’re all on welfare,
they’re all no good. Kill ‘em all!
They’ve all got AIDS.
They’re all a bunch of junkies shooting up all the time.
Junky butt buddies spreading AIDS everywhere.
And all this foreign stuff being sold in our country.
Made in Taiwan, what’s this shit?
If it’s not made in the good old USA it shouldn’t be sold here.
We should get all that foreign shit out of here.
They won’t be selling no Plymouths in Tokyo that’s for sure!
If you don’t buy American then you’re not American.
Kill ‘em all, they’re all a bunch of no goods!

Prayer in schools, anti-abortion,
aid to the contras, stronger defense!
Hail to the FLAG! Hail to the FLAG!


from Politico Voice, released December 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Useless Pieces of Shit Tucson, Arizona

Useless Pieces of Shit is a band name that you may not be familiar with but in the 1980's they were a hardcore punk rock band with a live show second to no other band of its type at the time. They weren't a product of the major scenes in New York, Boston, D.C., San Francisco, or L.A. so there were no record deals or concert promoters. They were a product of the startup remote scene in Tucson, AZ. ... more

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